Our expert masseurs know what is good for your body. Trust them. Your individual needs provide the basis for choosing the ideal treatments. Be it a refined relaxing massage, an ache soothing massage, or a supporting, rehabilitating massage. Here you are in best hands.

Active agents and oils from nature 
In order to support the massage effect, our masseurs exclusively use essences and oils from nature. They are chosen especially according to the needs of your skin and body and also mixed if necessary. Here you can be sure to receive the best for your relaxation.
Simply enjoy!

Massages have a soothing effect on body, soul and spirit. Millions of body cells are being stimulated and send relaxing messages back to your brain.

Partial massage
 25 min  |  € 29,-
Ideal for tensions in neck, back and stressed legs. In a relatively short time, individual body parts are being soothed and lead to a harmonisation of your entire body. Please speak to our masseuse and point out the areas you want to have covered.

Full body massage
 50 min  |  € 49,-
A classic massage for body and soul, soothing and refreshing. Your muscles are being soothed and your immune system strengthened. The functions of your skin are being stimulated and blood circulation is increased. Ideal to harmonise and regenerate.

Essential oil massage
 50 min  |  € 53,-
Full body massage with relaxing essential oils. Just relax and let go! You can choose your preferred fragrance.

Sports massage
 50 min  |  € 49,-
During this treatment, your blood circulation will be stimulated and the removal of waste products increased. This, in turn, strengthens your immune system. In addition, your muscles are being soothed through the use of special massage techniques.

Salt massage
25 min  |  € 29,-
This is also a full body massage. Your body is systematically massaged with coarse salt. This mineral has a purifying effect and cleans the body. Toxic agents, which can accumulate underneath the skin, will be removed. The salt crystals remove dead skin cells, and after the peeling, your skin looks rosy and fresh.

Pure relaxation
 50 min  |  € 49,-
Let massage – facial massage – light back massage.
The relaxing effect experienced in these particular zones of your body will do you good!

Hot Stone Massage
 60 min  |  € 60,-
Hot Stone massage is a deep-tissue relaxing massage. It uses hot basalt stones and essential oils that are assigned to the chakras and which attribute to the harmonisation of your entire body.

Our massage treatments do not follow therapeutic purposes, but increase your well-being.