The combinations of millions of air bubbles and a fantastic underwater massage increase your circulation and relax your muscles. Pure oxygen is being pumped into the ergonomically shaped designer tub, using 144 power nozzles. The underwater massage is tailored for your own individual needs.
Please speak to our SPA team who will give you advice. You decide yourself what type of additives you would like to put in the water.

Choose your own additive:
 20 min  |  € 30,-
Lavender oil
Increased circulation, relaxes the nerves. Comes with a fresh fragrance and helps your body to rejuvenate.
Orange blossom bath
Wonderfully stimulating beauty bath. Increases your natural happiness, and maintains and nourishes the skin.
Milk & honey bath
A special recipe, which is said to originate from Cleopatra, the goddess of beauty, will have a magic effect. It is very relaxing and has soothing attributes for your skin.
Rose pedal beauty bath
Refreshing, stimulates your skin and organism.
Rosemary bath
Increases your blood circulation and has a stimulating effect.
Apple bath
An apple is usually juicy and full of energy. It contains lots of moisture and has many natural fruit acids. The apple regenerates, cares for your skin and gives it a natural appearance and softness.
Relaxation bath
Just relax and enjoy a wonderfully intensive treatment. Well-tried extracts from marigold, Melissa or hamamelis ensure total relaxation.
Regeneration bath
Ideal after a sports session. Cinnamon and neroli support the burning of fat and the tissue is deacidified.

Our bath treatments do not follow therapeutic purposes, but increase your well-being.