Naz and Sciaves are truly idyllic South Tyrolean villages. This is due to the orchards surrounding the village centres, which have been grown over centuries through the local farmer's culture. When looking at the villages today, you can still feel the traditions. Traditional guesthouses, farms, old Cyclops and stone walls. The church towers still provide the centre of the village and local life.

Culture hikes through the apple plateau
Guided culture hikes on a path of historic and natural sights are organised weekly by the Naz/Sciaves tourism board. Just let us know, we will be pleased to sign you up!

Rudolf Bacher Museum
The Rudolf Bacher Museum is located in the village centre of Naz and hosts pieces of art by the South Tyrolean sculpture Rudolf Bacher.

The "Urlaubsstöckl"
In Sciaves you can admire the so-called "Urlaubsstöckl" at the southern slope of the Spinga Mountain, a simple farmers pilgrimage chapel. An easy hiking path with wonderful panoramic views will lead you there.

The "Raier Moos"
The former big lake, which was a gift to the Novacella Abbey from Duce Friedrich 1426 inclusive of the fishing rights, has slowly silted up during the course of the centuries and is now covered by reeds. Today, the "Raier Moos" is a wonderful biotope and important for the biodiversity in the local flora and fauna.

A natural monument: Alte Linde - old linden tree
Directly beside the wall of the cemetery in Aica, there is an old linden tree. It is about 22 metres high, the circumference of the trunk is 6.25 metres and the diameter of the crown about 17 metres. It isn’t possible at this time to evaluate the age of the tree as the trunk is split and is kept together with iron bars. However, it is said that it should have an age of several hundred years.